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 New Listing for Sale (4.5x9) Pool Table 

              When you are in the market for Servicing or Buying a Pool Table,

        the experts at Ricks Billiard Tables in Toronto, have more than 54 years of 

                                     " Experience in the Billiard Business. "

Complete Pool Table Servicing

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Pool Balls

When you need Pool Table Service, contact Ricks Billiard Tables. Our experts Move, Service & Repair, any style or size of pool table.

Pool Balls

We Sell Brand New Pool Tables, and also Buy & Sell pre-owned tables from customers, we refurbish them and sell them as quality pre-owned tables.

“We have restored hundreds of Pool Tables for our clients; we are always surprised and disappointed when we see the “short cuts” that have been applied to what were once, quality furnishings. Our experienced advice to you is:

“Do not gamble when choosing a Pool Table Servicing Company!”

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